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A new website for the team that finds Australia's best people
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A rework of the digital strategy to enable high-impact growth

From lagging, outdated website to perception-altering asset.

Talentpath, a national recruitment agency celebrated for its creative and high-impact HR work, identified a need for a website transformation to propel its ambitious growth trajectory. The objective? To redesign and revitalize their digital feels, driving increased user engagement, reflecting their unique identity more accurately, and bolstering their conversion rates. The remodelled website was envisioned as a vibrant, digital manifestation of Talentpath's core brand principles and dedication to service excellence.

Content Phase

Crafting a Compelling Narrative: From Core Services to Vital Assets

A key challenge was to deepen Talentpath's brand narrative and elaborate on its service offerings while spotlighting vital assets like its talent guide. Our team facilitated a series of workshops and leveraged wireframing to visually map the entire website. This allowed the Talentpath team to comprehend the required content and its sequencing, forming a coherent, page-by-page story framework.

Design Phase

Elevating User Experience: A Blend of Aesthetic Excellence and Functional Design

Talentpath's previous website was outdated, with limited functionality and a low conversion rate. Our collaborative discussions aimed to broaden the brand's scope and elevate its design elements to mirror Talentpath's quality and approach to the way they do biz. The result? Engaging layouts, intuitive navigation, and an upscale aesthetic that reinforced their premium positioning.

Ply was an absolute pleasure to work with. From conception to completion, they made us feel really confident in delivering what we set out to achieve. It genuinely felt like the Ply team was an extension of our team throughout this project. I would 100% recommend working with Ply and will definitely continue our partnership into the future

- Nissa Ryan

Development Phase

Effortless Content Management: Power, Simplicity, and Seamless Integration

The development needs centered on the essentials: a user-friendly CMS with multi-user functionality, seamless integration with the Bullhorn platform, and simplicity for non-tech users. We chose Statamic CMS, renowned for its versatility and adaptability. The end product was a well-structured website with an easy-to-use editing experience, empowering Talentpath's marketing team to effortlessly build and edit pages as they grow.

Taking the takeaways

Collaborative Ideation Drives Success

Our discussions and workshops with Talentpath underscored the value of collaboration in successful project execution. The shared ideas and feedback cultivated a richer understanding of their brand and services, informing the design and development process, and leading to a website that truly embodied their identity

Importance of User Experience

The revitalisation of Talentpath's digital presence highlighted the integral role of user experience in driving conversions. By focusing on engaging layouts, easy navigation, and intuitive design, we were able to deliver a website that not only looked great but also performed effectively, enhancing user interaction and increasing conversion rates

Balancing Power and Simplicity

The development phase emphasized the need for a balance between powerful functionality and user-friendly operation in content management systems. With the right CMS, in this case, Statamic, even non-technical teams can manage and edit content effectively, proving that complex requirements don't have to result in complicated usage.

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