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About Us

We built Ply because we believe good things are made into greater, game-changing things when you layer them together.

A team of seasoned practitioners

We've been in the branding game for over a decade, and before that dabbled in various commercial pursuits.

It's given us grey hair yes, but it's also given us the understanding and perspective that manifests itself into high-quality, insightful work for you.


Mark Campbell

Strategy + dev


Dave Prince

New biz + strategy


Ant Rees

Design guru

Our process



A deep dive to get to know each other.

If a great brand is a true representation of a business’s people and values, then we better start by diving in deep and really getting to know you. The process also goes best when we’re open and you get to know us too.



Craft a distinct narrative.

We turn all this discovery into a rock solid strategy, helping outline your core values, unique position in the market, your tone of voice and what your key messages should be.



Build a unique visual style.

While developing your brand narrative, we also collaborate with you to create your distinct brand style. This goes beyond a logo, incorporating fonts, colours, patterns, photography style and more. This work will be driven by the foundational strategy - not our personal preferences.



Bring it all to life on the web.

Your website is your tone setter - the first impression for many of your customers. It should be the culmination of your brand story, deeply integrate your visual style, and also be easy to use and drive conversions.



Setting you up for ongoing success.

We won’t just hand you the keys and wave goodbye. We’ll give you all the guidelines you need for that crucial consistency across all your future communications. Plus we are happy to keep working alongside you to maintain the high standard your brand now represents.


Keep this on the down low,

it's our secret sauce


A focus on B2B branding

We believe brand is the foundation for everything else you do. Getting it right improves the quality of your marketing, socials, recruiting, culture, service delivery and more.


We value client involvement

We know the best work happens when we work closely with you, not for you. You’ll be involved every step of the way, and we’ll communicate clearly and often, letting you know where things are at.


Custom work, every time

Our quest is to build distinct identities and websites for our clients, so we start with a clean sheet of paper every time. This is a template free zone.


Fun but serious crew

Our small but senior team mixes laughs with deep work. Never forgetting the importance of what we do, but that enjoying the ride is just as important.



is helping brands stand out in B2B industries where everyone looks and sounds the same.

If that sounds like something you need, let's chat.