We built Ply because we believe good things are made into greater, game-changing things when you layer them together.

Each of us brings a unique background and high level of skill to the table; but it's the connective tissue and the way we collaborate to build on ideas that leads to the results our clients. 

We're all deep thinkers, UX people and driven to do quality work that solves real problems. We're also fans of dad jokes, crafty beers and delicious eats.

Brand is everything,
and everywhere.

~Dave Prince

Dave Prince


I've been involved with everything from funded start-ups to the big end of town absorbing what I can and imparting that know-how into our projects. Asking 'what could this be' is the framework I like to take into any new partnership.

It's in the execution,
not the idea.

~Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell


I just love working together to make things better; leaning on communication, strategy, analysis and instinct to do it. Break things down, understand them, add ideas and push it forward.

If content is king,
design is god.

~Anthony Rees

Anthony Rees

visual identity

Give me a thoughtful brief, my mouse, Pantone book and my team and I’m a happy designer. If 30 years in the industry has taught me anything, it’s that collaboration with the right people at the right time is key to doing great work. Oh, and dogs are the best people.

Whether it's our collaborative spirit; unique mix to our crew; or the way we combine our solutions in brand and tech - we really believe in things being better together.

Alex Franco

Project Management

I'm an eager and dedicated project manager (and pasta enthusiast) with a passion for improving online brand presence and digital user experience. As a low-key perfectionist I'll keep your projects on track and love flexing my creative muscles to add a bit of flare and fun to the process.

Anthony Hubble

Senior Dev

With 10 years under my belt I'm an expert at putting the polish on our digital projects and get unusually excited to work on performance optimisation. Though I'm no professional dancer, I love being kept on my toes by the industry's fast-paced, dynamic landscape. I also win the unspoken competition for best beard in the office.

Kirsten Browning


Each of us brings a unique background and high level of skill to the table; but it's the connective tissue and the way we collaborate to build on ideas that leads to the results our clients love.



The hardest worker of the team, I bring boundless energy to the office in between mandatory cuddle times. My specialty is sleeping upside down while dreaming of frisbees.

A few simple things we live and work by



We believe the best things happen when you bring people together, treat them with respect and empathy, set out to build something great together, and remember to enjoy the ride.
This doesn’t just go for our own team, but everyone we work with. Including you.
Our ethos is to work with you, not for you. We want to pair your expertise and knowledge of your business with our skills in communication, design and development. Good things will happen.


We don’t have all the answers - but we know how to find them.
It starts by going deeper than the rest till we really understand your business, brand, challenges and opportunities. We want to know your problems intimately, so we can work out how best to solve them.
It helps that we’ve worked in a variety of businesses ourselves, so we have a deeper insight into what you’re working towards.


Our quest for learning and improving our craft is never satiated. We’re always looking to learn new lessons, improve our process and grow as humans.
We read (a lot), but we also try and balance this with brick-by-brick progression so we’re building on something solid and not overhauling what works.
We aim to bring this learning spirit to our projects too, sharing what we know with our clients so we deliver value beyond the work.

Swim out a little further

At Ply we’re not fans of “good enough”.
We try and build depth into all of our work, and then try and push it that bit further. We’re always striving to do better work, find smarter ways of working, and take a few calculated leaps forward.
We bring this commitment to striving for quality to every project.