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Starting from the very beginning

When we hooked up with the Helix founders, they had a tonne of passion but were facing a common challenge - where to begin.

This is something we come across quite a bit; founders who have a great vision for what they want their business to be, and a future they can speak passionately about, but struggle to distill, articulate and communicate that vision to the outside world.

They were also new to the branding process and needed some convincing on some of our recommendations, but luckily for us we were able to gain their trust and develop a foundation of visual identity, brand voice and key messaging that supported their meteoric rise as true innovators in the legal space.

Visual Identity

Pulling the threads together

Combining inspiration from the science behind the brand name and geometric shapes, we were able to craft an identity that carried meaning while achieving the goal of standing out.

Positioning & Messaging

Breaking up with tradition

When tasked with a brief to find the words to represent #notanotherlawfirm, we just chose to simply reflect the honest style of their crew; showing that you can take work seriously but also be yourself.


Bringing the brand online

Building on top of the work in developing the visuals and voice that defined Helix, we were able to develop a website that continued to elevate the brand experience, clearly communicate their offering and personality, while still encouraging conversion of visitors to become clients.

At first we were sceptical about the whole process... what the hell is "messaging" anyway? 

In the end, we got back a brand that set us apart and gave us the foundation to launch and grow the business.

- Janelle, Co-Founder of Helix Legal

Learning from each other

Shared values create great work

Because we were aligned in what we wanted to create - something unique that challenged the status quo, while mixing quality with personality - we were able to deliver a shared vision and a strong result.

Brand and voice are the foundation

Our goal whenever we develop an identity and messaging platform for a business is not to create a "campaign" that might last a month; it's about giving a foundational framework that is the platform for longer term growth. Something the brand can use, adapt and grow for years.

Stay tuned...

The Helix crew are all about innovation and constant improvement, so there's always plans in the works for what's next - and we'll be here to help them achieve their vision any way we can.

Keep devouring our case studies, or give us a call? Decisions, decisions...