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The results of a great relationship

We've been working with the team at Worrells for a few years now and it shows in the quality of the work.

Our main project each year is to design their very helpful insolvency guide - a premium piece of collateral that's delivered to accountants, lawyers and other advisors around the country. It's jam packed with useful information, and gets a refresh each year in both content and visual approach - keeping it relevant and top of mind whenever it can come in useful.

From this starting point we've also branched out into other projects with the team, as we've become their go-to resource for new projects as the come to hand. We've designed reports, tweaked their existing website for greater ease of use, put some polish on their brand guide and even helped them set up a company wide intranet.


Content, structure and design come together

Designing a great document is so much more than making it look good. It's more about structuring the information to be logical and easy to follow, giving hierarchy to the content to highlight key messages and stats, using colour and graphic devices to signpost and guide the user, and finally to add design elements like photography that engage the user and keep the pages turning.


Put a face to the name

We all know a picture says a thousand words, and one thing quality photography always shows is that a brand cares about their persona and wants to show their authentic human side. Each year for the Worrells guide we partner with our good mate and photographer extraordinaire Dylan Evans - briefing him on a new concept to capture the team and fit in with the theme and design for the year. The results add an extra dimension to the guide and achieve the goal of putting forward the Worrells personality.

Taking the takeaways

Good relationships take effort

We're more about business friendships than we are about 'clients' and 'agency'. That's why we put extra effort into our relationships and look to cultivate long term partnerships; because we truly believe this leads to better work over time. At the same time we know you need to keep putting in the effort to make sure the relationship stays fun and engaging!

More to come...

We've got some exciting projects in the pipeline with the Worrells team, as we look to continue to find new ways we can add value and help them achieve their marketing goals.

Every great relationship starts somewhere, so let's have a chat!