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Creating one solid brand

When Trekk Advisory first came to us, the team included multiple offices trading under separating businesses. Their goal for this project was to consolidate and align the multiple stakeholders and build one strong brand from the ground up to launch their business into its next phase. 

To begin, Ply underwent an in-depth workshop session with the entire advisory group. This was an insightful, eye-opening (and fun!) way for their team to discuss their ideas openly. We then proceeded to conceptualise a name for the new entity, produce messaging, branding and finally a beautiful website which was injected with all of things we learnt and produced along the way.


A group of great minds, coming together

During an intense six hour workshop, six Trekk team members and three Ply crew joined forces to walk through the business history, goals, customers and much more. We focussed on uncovering any insights and inconsistencies in the group so we could build a solid strategy which everyone agreed on. 

The key outcomes of this meeting were defining: their most valuable customer base, how they needed to position themselves in the market, their brand personality and their core services. 

To kickoff the brand positioning and messaging phase, we started by interviewing some of Trekk's key customers. Using insights gained from these interviews, we created a range of core statements for their team to use throughout the website and their marketing material.


The journey to a solid brand

With the brand personality and messaging defined, we moved onto developing the visual identity. The strategy for the brand was to create a warm and inviting identity that still came across as strong and reliable. This was to reflect their friendly approach to working with their clients, without sacrificing quality advice and results.


Simple type and intriguing brand elements make for a beautiful minimalist site

When it comes to hand drawn elements, finesse is needed to keep a website looking modern and clean. We paired these elements and Trekk Advisory's bright colour scheme with clean sans serif type and plenty of black and white to balance this.

We also defined the photography style for the website, which was then executed by local photographers at each of their locations.

You guys have created a brand that we can all be proud of, a brand that speaks true to who we are, and a brand that we are excited to live up to and in each day.

- Jess, National Marketing Manager

Taking the takeaways

If in doubt, hash it out

With such a big team, it would be optimistic to think there won't going to be some misalignment. Rather than continuing down the rabbit hole, we openly discussed any inconsistencies to get final confirmation from the whole team, which helped create a solid strategy the whole team believed in.

Stay with the flow

Here at Ply, we have a stringent process for projects when we are building a brand from the ground up. We always start with strategy and brand positioning before we move onto the visual identity. Getting all of these components in place first ensures we create a finished web product we, and the client, are proud of.

Trust puts the wind in the sails

One of the best parts of working with Trekk Advisory was the trust their team instilled in Ply's work. Not only is it wonderful to work with clients like this, but it also helps progress the project faster which means earlier launch timelines and uncompromised results. 

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