A new way to Send money

Team Work
Helping move your money as you move throughout the world.
Strategy + Branding + IM Document + UX design + Web

Transferring the knowledge

When experienced FX currency traders came knocking on the Ply door with an open brief to take them from ground zero to app design, we got excited. 

The founders had a long and successful history helping other FX companies grow and become prosperous. But now to their challenge, how to launch a new FX brand into a crowded and competitive market? Our partners came to us with design savvy, a good understanding of how design thinking could help them stand out and be different from the other players, but the challenge (as it always is) how do you take that thinking and move it into practice?  

Strategy & Brand System

Strategy is true currency

The support structure for our work is based in strategy. In practical terms, that means researching the market, workshops with the founders, asking the right questions to find the insights and drawing on our business skills to build a list of projects notes that we could consistently draw on. For example, Send came to us as 'Send FX' but we identified that the company wanted to be more than currency transfers and had a bigger mission to play out. 'FX' would end up being a limiting factor, pigeon holing them in category. By making this distinction, we were able to set up the play to brand the company as simply 'Send' and the nice little bonus? The company becomes differentiated from the sea of pure FX players. Sounds different, is different. That's a solid place to launch a new brand.

Brand Mark + System

Making a brand transfer meaning

Insight: Money is constantly shifting through hands or digitally. Our visual idea was to show this in the brand mark using gradients to convey movement and speed. Paired with a vibrant 'Send blue' and a strong bold typeface built a feeling of trust and solidness. 

Premium Website

Good feels for first time users

How do you want first time users to feel about your brand? We saw big ops to push across some key themes in the web phase: Friendly vibes, trustworthiness, tech and service. Blend that good gear with calls to action, storytelling flow and great UX and web goodness ensures.  

App UX/ UI

Building the customer experience

Our research uncovered some home truths about transferring money. It's convoluted and confusing. Our goal was therefore to unravel the process and simplify, putting ourselves in the customers headspace, designing a UX that made sending money just a bit more joyful.    

Taking the takeaways

Coast to Coast. Linking the projects stages.

When a project runs end to end, across strategy, brand, digital design and App experiences a tight creative loop is created. By setting the ideas and design foundation in place, each phase of the project built on top of the last, creating better design assets over time. 

When design thinking & product difference come together.

A fresh entrant to any competitive landscape is a risk and an opportunity. By working closely with founders, identifying the opportunities to both be visually different and bring a brand to market that has clear product distinctions, the footings are in place for growth. 

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