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A new brand to help an agency that's movin on up.
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Keeping it in the family

We're lucky enough to work next door to a great agency that shares our hankering for doing good work for good people, and got even luckier when they asked us to help with their brand.

We've known Trav from The Raiders for years, and through some hallway chats in our shared building we started a convo about helping him with some web design for a refresh he was working on to update his brand. After having a crack themselves - we know first hand that doing your own work is damn hard - and some false starts with other agencies, the guys were a bit stuck in limbo with some work they felt was "ok", but nothing they felt stoked about moving forward with.


Step back in time

Though the original brief was just to help with designing a new website for The Raiders, we quickly realised that more work needed to be done on the brand itself in order to achieve what they really wanted to do; shift the market perception in a significant way while creating something they would feel proud to represent them.

With some gentle persuasion we convinced Trav to let us have a crack at the brand position, visual identity and messaging as well. We see this combination as a foundational platform essential to a strong brand. We even gave him a gentle nudge that a name change might be beneficial to moving things forward, and he came up with the goods in the form of a simple new welcoming moniker - Neighbourhood.


Growing up in the 'hood

With the new name in hand, we set about developing a shared brief and design direction. The core challenge became clear very early on; how do we create a clean and structured identity that gave the business a more sophisticated and grown up feel, while still reflecting the vibrant and bold personality that makes their crew so good to work with. We love this kind of clear objective, and couldn't wait to turn on our design thinking brains.

At the same time we were also blessed with some rich visual territories that came bundled with the new name; after all there's so much to see and do in the neighbourhood. In the end this actually became a challenge in itself - showing restraint and consistency with a few clear ideas in order to maintain the clean and clear aesthetic.

The brand language has been built around the things you might find in the neighbourhood. Signs, streets, people and culture. 

- Ant Rees - Art director @ Ply


Building shared understanding

Putting on a fresh new face is one thing, but it takes more than good looks to stand out in a space where a high level of branding is par for the course. Throw in the fact that their talented team can tackle just about any type of work, and we knew we needed to carve out some unique territory to hone the messaging.

Together with the Neighbourhood braintrust, we identified their unique service model which helps clients go beyond marketing and all the way through sales and customer service, communicated how they help grow brand communities, and made sure you knew you would enjoy the ride.


Take a walk through the streets

Creating a website for a new brand is truly the culmination of all the work that came before it. It's the place where most people will get their first impression, and it's a big canvas to showcase the brand identity and key messages all in one place.

We also knew that the guys were keen to see some extra touches that would really make the story come alive, so we provided guidance for their dev team on animations, transitions and other touches to elevate the end result.

Taking the takeaways

Everything has to be on the table

A re-brand can be greatly impacted by a brave partner. By allowing ply the freedom to put all options on the table, Trav our partner helped create the environment to do great work. 

The elephant in the room

The best work gets done when there is big chats, with honest intentions from both teams. By having a big person talk about the name of the company (Raiders) not being the vehicle to drive the company forward paved the way for Trav to spin up Neighbourhood, a name ply could build a much stronger brand around. 

That's the end of this hood. Just around a the corner is something new.