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Itoc had spent years establishing themselves as a trusted AWS cloud services partner before they visited Ply. They required a brand refresh, website and print rollout to align with their powerful position in their industry.

It was clear Itoc was ready for a new look and web presence, having outgrown their simple Wordpress website and dated brand library. As a starting point, Ply was tasked with building on the existing logo and introducing a colour palette and graphic elements that reflected how Itoc wanted to present themselves.

Brand System Expansion

Identifying their position amongst the competition

When it came to Itoc's brand, we knew we needed to strategically avoid some of the typical visuals that often accompany technology or cloud services websites. This meant steering clear of obvious stock imagery choices and a particular style of illustration which has been overused.

Instead, we created symbolic illustrations for each service provided by Itoc. This provided them with a library to use across their digital and print collateral and a clearly distinguishable illustration for each service.

We also introduced a more vibrant colour palette to suit the technology side of their business.

Premium Website

Capturing the cloud journey

Cloud services can be a complex undertaking for businesses, so one of our objectives with Itoc was to make this information as simple as possible.

To do this, we implemented a menu with services and business challenges clearly defined for accessibility. We focussed on displaying their content in a way that communicated how Itoc could help, with photos of their team in action to assist in telling the story. Case studies and existing customers were showcased throughout the site to add further clout and context to their services.

Hubspot was also paired with this Statamic website so Itoc could fully harness leads coming from the site and gather analytics of their audience.

Key takeaways

Content-rich sites lend themselves to clean design

Having a lot of information to cover meant we needed to be strategic about the way content was displayed. We focussed on designing blocks with a lot of content in a way that didn't overload the reader, such as accordions and scrollable sections. The site overall featured a minimalist style with some visual blocks to break up the content.

Layered design elements help create an established brand

Building out Itoc's design elements helped create a website and print assets with a polished, layered look. It also provided their team with a richer library and deeper visual understanding when creating internal assets.

Good design and tactical tools can work in harmony

Hubspot was integrated with Itoc to capture as much data as possible and provide the Itoc team with a way to manage contacts for future events and remarketing campaigns. 

Using these analytics on user behaviour, they will be able to tailor any future updates or communication to their audience in a more informed way.

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