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Harnessing the power of blockchain to help small businesses

Invox was born when the owners of ABR Finance saw an opportunity to open up access to their services and put the power in the hands of businesses and investors.

Blockchain has gotten a lot of publicity - good and bad. But peel back the hype and there's any number of interesting ways it's being applied that is helping open up access to new products and services that otherwise couldn't exist.

In Invox's case, by putting invoice financing on the blockchain, they've made it easier for small businesses to access fair and equitable financing, while also giving investors a viable path to a market that was previously near-impossible to access.

Our role in bringing this idea to fruition involved first creating a solid visual identity that gave credibility and differentiation, whilst also designing the product's first prototype to take the concept to market.


Standing out and fitting in

The world of blockchain can be a funny one; you want to stand out from every other ICO, but also need to "fit in" to establish credibility, professionalism and strength. We walked this line by drawing on the traditional finance background of the founders, paired with modern tech inspired flavours.

UX & UI Design

A prototype tells a thousand words

Telling the Invox story in words alone was never going to cut the mustard. To really sell the vision of the team, we designed a prototype of the platform, showcasing just how easy it would be for businesses and investors to get involved, and further building the credibility and desirability of the brand.


Seeing the big picture

Working beyond the prototype we began the early workings of an Invox Design System, preparing the pitched product into the real world. Our goal was the make the complex machining around blockchain ledger as invisible as possible to the user, while flexing on the technical sophistication being developed. 

Learning block by block

Good branding principles always apply

Even as industries change and innovation accelerates, the underlying principles of good branding still apply. If anything the need for strong and reputable branding only gets higher as the pace of change heats up.

Show em what you got

Developing a prototype early on is worth it's weight in bitcoin (sidenote - does bitcoin weigh anything?). It really creates shared understanding of what you're building, communicates the idea so much clearer, and can be used to test and validate ideas with real users. That's powerful stuff.

A sell out result

Since launching their initial pre-sale, Invox has continuously met and exceeded their milestones; showing just what a clear brand and product story can achieve.

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