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Impacting workplace happiness at scale

Sleep, mental health, diet & exercise all have a significant impact on how we work. 

So we were all ears when Tim at Greenx7 asked us to help with an app that enhanced work performance through improved health and wellbeing.

Tim had been running in-person workshops that explored mental health, wellbeing, physical activity. All the good stuff and how this good stuff (or lack of) impacts employee performance in the workplace. Yet to foster a continual journey of growth for his clients, he needed to pivot to app-based learning that reinforced good practice and analysed employee wellbeing over the long term. That's where we come in - experts in product strategy, design & app development - to create a consistent journey for Greenx7 users.

Product Strategy

Creating value for users & admin

Any new product build has a tonne of nuts and bolts to figure out. So we knuckled down with Tim across a number of workshops to understand his core goals, ideal user experience and app feature requirements. We baked in our strategic thinking and posed new questions that looked to challenge traditional ideas. A crucial part of this thinking was defining not only the front-end app interface, but also the back-end wellness reporting & logic accessible to admin. Add a sprinkle of branding and value-based messaging, and you've got yourself one hell of a product plan.

UX/UI Design

A light clean interface

We were faced with an all too common design challenge. The balance between information and breathing room. How to create a clean interface despite metrics, team chats, educational modules, group screens, wellness reports, progress get the jist. We mapped out wireframes, information architecture and UX prototypes to cover all our bases before jumping into design execution. The end result combined the fresh, natural GX7 brand with a logical, structured and spaced app interface that's easy to understand. 

App Development

Putting pen to to dev

It's time, the pinnacle of all our hard work to date rested in the hands of development. Very capable hands at that, with lightning fast keyboard skills. We built out a useable CMS that empowered Tim with edit-ability of all pages & content within the app. We jumped through the hoops to get Greenx7 up iOS & Android app stores. The team were stoked with the results and saw a solid influx of eager users keen to measure their wellbeing.

Taking the takeaways

Long term usability & scalability

Product development is not set and forget. We approached this project with the goal to build a scalable and manageable platform that is prepped for growth. It requires a greater upfront cost initially and is pretty damn timely to map out future user scenarios as the product grows. However the benefits at the end of the tunnel are well worth the wait and our build continues to provide flexibility and adaptability to Tim and the crew.

Prioritisation of dem dollars

Ideas come at a cost. It's not every day a client comes to us with endless budget, and as a sole trader we had to keep dollar signs in mind when scoping out this Greenx7 project. It forced Tim to critically reflect on priorities versus niceties, and produced a product that was simple and clean.

Two sides to the coin

It wasn't just the end user we were strategising, designing and building for. This product had a heavy consideration towards the backend CMS and admin access to statistics, metrics & reporting. We mapped our the user journey workflows for both sides of the coin to ensure all the nitty gritty things were taken care of.

Cool right? We've got more where that came from. Let's go.