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Envirosuite has grown from a small company into a world-beating enviro-tech platform helping some of the worlds biggest industries to create a more sustainable future. To maintain that market position, the leadership team at Envirosuite approached Ply to help them create a brand that would further solidify them as a market leader and communicate its product stack more effectively through a global brand platform. 

Brand Strategy

Spinning up a product team

In a large organisation that spans across multiple teams & disciplines as well as regions, our first task was to pull together the key voices to represent various needs within the business. Through a series of workshops, interviews & research we started to uncover business challenges, developing a strategic blueprint to meet these needs. This strategy helped to guide the following 9 months in crafting the brand and web platform. 

Brand development

Signalling trust & leadership

Two critical factors emerged from the strategy work that helped inform how we could approach the identity - how can we help Envirosuite become a more trusted brand and show leadership in environmental technology. We coupled this challenge with an idea called 'geo-space' which reflected the companies customers and the various environments they operate within. 

Brand identity

Evolving the idea

The geo-space concept reflected the companies values & mission and from this point we started to develop all of the supporting brand components to make up a system that could be extended from both physical environmental branding, through to digital platforms & products. 

Web platform

Building a global sales machine

With the brand safely locked down, the final stage of the project saw both teams embark on a series of web strategy sessions to materialise the challenges of digital and how we could solve these through a new global platform. We combined the tactical elements of a website built to sell with high content production & design to deliver a seamless branded experience, all built on the world-leading CMS platform, Statamic.  

Taking the takeaways

It's no small undertaking

Undertaking a rebrand is no small feat and more so when you are ASX listed and facing all of the market pressures that come with being a public company. It takes a strong management team to believe in the power of a rebrand and importantly to see it through to its final conclusion. 

Every brand has a story

One of the aspects that the Ply team loves the most is helping companies reconnect with the things that make their brand unique and valuable. We believe every brand has a story to tell and a way to set itself apart in the market and this project was no different. By discovering and owning the pillars of differentiation, Envirosuite has been able to achieve more focus and market cut through as the brand heads into another growth phase. 

Brand systems are more efficient

One of the key deliverables of this project was to build a brand system that could be used in marketing, web & communication materials to help build consistency and improve the level of presentation. Brand systems are becoming an indispensable tool for remote teams to build assets with clarity & agreement. 

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