Environmental smarts for big industry

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Evolving a tech brand built for the environment
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Environmental smarts for big industry

Envirosuite is a world-beating, Australian tech company helping some of the biggest brands understand their environmental data and use it to operate more responsibly.   

When a mining site blasts rock and an unexpected wind comes sweeping through, all that dust ends up in the air. If that mining site happens to be right next to a community, that dust becomes potentially harmful. Envirosuite is an Aussie company that's showing polluting industries how to detect things like bad air quality before it happens and impacts humans. So when Ann, Alex & Paul at Envirosuite came to us with a brief to help them distil their core messages and convey the good work they do, we were keen to tackle the challenge.  


Discovery leads to core insights

The starting line for this project was a discovery & strategy phase. We got the Envirosuite team together and took the guys through a mapping exercise to help Ply understand more about what they do, how they do it and who they do it for. The more context, the more we understand the brand, the better equipped we are to help. The other critical job to be done in this phase was to help the team throw down all the core messages they wanted to get across to the customer. Then help sort these talking points, with the aim of simplifying and streamlining what should be said (and discard what didn't make the cut).    

Before the shoot

Prepare good, shoot good

Before the shoot day, there was a tonne of work to position us in a good place to execute the strategy. Ply developed a storyboard in collabs with the Envirosuite team, helping to get the story arc into a solid place. This included finessing the copywriting (which ended up being the voice-over material) building detailed shot location information and matching visual concepts to each scene. All this pre-prep helped both teams get really focussed on what needed to be done on shoot day.  

Shoot day

Custom footage tells a better story

Both teams agreed that using just stock footage would not really capture an authentic brand story or visual. By shooting 90% of the footage ourselves, we were able to control the visuals and tell the story that needed sharing. Plus we were able to keep the consistency and quality super high. We had a tight one day schedule to grab the footage and each location was timed down to the minute to make sure we got everything we needed. Brisbane weather turned it on nicely and the day went super smoothly! 

Video design

Crafting the aesthetic

The Envirosuite product is technical and it relies heavily on data from the sites that operate the platform. We wanted to help first time users understand what the product did without getting too technical and this called for graphic elements that would help the viewer understand simply. We designed multiple elements that rendered over the custom footage to concisely communicate these heftier data points. 

Brand video

Pulling it all together

The final step in the process was to pull together the final edit. It was really exciting to see the footage, voice-over, design & sound design come together to tell the story. Here's the final cut that now lives in the world. 

Brand report

Balancing scientific legitimacy with aesthetic flair

Okay, the brand video is done and dusted. Now time to move onto a report that would shape Envirosuite's marketing campaigns for the following year (no pressure). The report strived to build trust and legitimacy around the awesome work Envirosuite is doing + explain what 'environmental intelligence' really is.

This report was backed by a formal scientific study and therefore needed a healthy balance between contemporary aesthetics, dense information and many, many, MANY graphs and data sets.

A few rounds of strategy & wireframing put us in a prime position to dive into the full design concepts. With a clear visual direction from the get-go, we smashed out a full 40-page report in under a week in time for the team's major PR media release. Boo-yah! 

Visual assets

That 'aah I get it' moment

We had just absorbed a bunch of information over the past few weeks; completed a heap of great work; and now we were tasked with communicating it all within one A4 visual graphic.

So we went back to the drawing board and came up with 3 x messages that speak plainly to customers, investors and industry professionals. What is the problem? How do Envirosuite use their technology to help? And what is the solution or impact within the community?

We came up with a one-pager multi-purpose design that could be used in reports, slide decks, the website and supporting digital assets. It ended up being a pretty cool exercise for everyone involved and has huge potential for the Envirosuite team over the coming years. 

Taking the takeaways

Say too much and you end up saying nothing

One 'rule' of messaging that consistently runs true from project to project is that if you try to say too much you end up saying very little. Working together with the team at Envirosuite, we agreed upfront on what would lead and what could be discarded. Being clear on the core themes early, saved us from being unfocused and helped everything flow from there. 

Use stock footage sparingly

Over the past few years there's been a trend to use stock footage rather than shooting your own brand imagery. It's quicker and cheaper. In our view that's a mistake. It cheapens your brand. It's very hard to find the perfect shot that goes with your story, so investing in your own brand visuals is critical to selling the idea but also being authentic. Sure use the odd bit of stock but aim for no more that 20% stock in a brand video. 

Get an outside perspective

The Envirosuite crew had been attempting to distil down their messaging for quite some time. But they were living it day-to-day and came to realise an outsiders perspective is what would get these projects off the ground and done right. Bringing in a team of creative, brand nerds (that's us!) who have absolutely no clue about environmental technology seems counter-intuitive, but is the best thing for the work at hand. Fresh perspectives, bringing in light to clear the shadows. 

Yeah, keep the good reads coming.