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What's in a name?

The crew from Belay were looking to start something new and special; having made the bold decision to set out on their own and redefine how they helped their partners.

Starting with this clean slate, we helped the founders name the business, develop a striking visual identity, and launch the brand with a unique landing page that went well beyond the standard.

It wasn't all about the style though, we helped them uncover what makes their advisory business unique, and then package this messaging into clear and inspirational copywriting that immediately sets them up from day one.

Visual Identity

Inspired but not obvious

The name Belay is all about giving support that helps you reach greater heights, and provided some rich inspiration for the visual identity. We took inspiration from the physical belay object, but didn't go too literal.

With mark in hand, we fleshed out the rest of the brand across colour, visual elements, photography style and more. The result met the brief for a sophisticated and premium brand that conveyed professionalism and care.


Communicate the personality

Our role in writing copy and key messages for Belay involved getting the right mix of personality and professionalism. We also needed to clearly articulate their point of difference - combining personal and business financial advice together to set you up for a better future.


A better first impression

While the brand is still new and only required a landing page for launch, we still wanted to ensure a striking first impression. Rather than your typical landing page we set out to create something that properly introduced the brand without blowing the budget. The result was a custom scrolling one-pager that 

Put a bow on it

The complete package

By combining naming, branding, messaging and web together, we created a full realised and foundational platform for the team to launch their business. The insights we gained at each stage informed the rest of the work, creating a strong and cohesive final result.

'New' doesn't have to mean 'compromise'

When launching a new brand it's key to have a clear vision, a shared brief, and a focus on executing a few things really well. With the right building blocks in place, the brand can grow from there, building on top of something really solid.

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